The T-Quilt Project

"A celebration of friendship, generosity, commitment and international goodwill."

Last spring, several of us started talking about Wrap-A-Smile approaching its 20-year anniversary. As hundreds of quilters have now sent nearly 27,000 quilts to children around the world, there was no doubt that we had to mark this milestone.  

Quilters of the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild suggested the making of T-quilts, in recognition of Terry's original inspiration.  The idea quickly morphed into "let's make 100 T-quilts", enough for every patient treated during a Rotaplast mission.  It seemed a bold idea, just as the original plans for WAS were.

But what is a T-quilt you ask?!  It is any quilt that incorporates the letter T in the design.  Some are bold and sassy (as was Terry), some more subtle, incorporated into intricate designs.  Sadly, Terry's health failed during the time of this project, but as quilts arrived here in Maine I would photograph them and send the pictures on to Terry.  She was very moved by the outpouring of participation by her quilting friends from around the country.

Terry left us in May but the quilts have continued to arrive. Special delivery this past weekend was "T-Quilt 100" created and  delivered by WAS supporter Louise who quilts on her boat. (blog post of Feb 18, 2019 tells her story).  It was such a treat to meet Louise and her husband in person.  Using a little poetic license, we decided to give this quilt the special designation of T 100, knowing that we have 90 T-quilts for sure, with rumors of more in progress.  What an accomplishment!!

Louise delivering T-quilt 100 to Ann in Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Louise presenting T-Quilt 100 to me, Boothbay Harbor, Maine

So we will have enough T-quilts for an entire mission, but an even better idea has emerged.  Since Terry was unable to travel internationally due to medical limitations, we have decided that each and every medical mission being planned for the next couple of years should include some Terry quilts. Terry's goodwill will travel the world!

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who made this project a whopping success.  A book of the entire project is in progress.  For now, enjoy this sampling of the many T-quilts we have gathered.  

Thank you Celeste M
Thank you Charlotte M
Thank you Bev H
Thank you Colleen G
Thank you Tammy S
Thank you Doris M

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Sunshine Online Quilt Guild:

Louise's blog:


  1. Louise is a dedicated, compassionate quilter who contributes her time, talents and energy to many deserving organizations. How delightful that she was able to deliver her Tquilt in person.

  2. It was wonderful to meet you face to face, Ann. And it was so meaningful to honor Terry with the T quilts. Thank you for allowing mine to be the official 100th!

  3. It was wonderful to meet you in person, too, Louise. You definitely lived up to expectations! Haha
    Thank you for all the quilty goodness you have shared with WAS. Your wonderful quilts are being loved all over the world.


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