On their way!

My merry packing elves helped me ship off 138 quilted hugs to Rotaplast International this morning. Pete in the Rotaplast warehouse tells me they have enough quilts to "wrap" all their little cleft lip and cleft palate patients through the end of the year, but will hope to have more from us in the new year.  So thank you everyone who sent quilts for this shipment, and let's all keep quilting!!

Just for fun, check out this fabulous design on the back of a quilt made by the Concord Piecemakers of Concord, MA
Approaching a milestone....

Happiness is returning from an overseas trip and finding boxes of quilts waiting to be opened.  This is more fun than a birthday to enjoy the surprise of what hides inside.  Here are a couple of fun quilts that just arrived, so colorful to comfort a child during and after their surgery.

After logging in the quilts which came from Minnesota and Florida, the grand total of Wrap-A-Smile quilts created is now 24,905.  I'll be ringing bells when we reach 25,000!!

The two quilts pictured here, along with another 150, will be shipped out later this week, on their way  to wrap up a child on the day they receive their new smile. Thank you so much to all our generous quilters.
I was set up!

I had the pleasure of speaking to the Rotary Club of Westford MA on September 13, accompanied by my husband Steve who was a member of that club 17 years ago.  We had lived in Westford for 20 years, with current Rotarian Patti M being a former neighbor.  Their Rotary district has never participated in a Rotaplast mission and only knew about Wrap-A-Smile through the grapevine.  So I knew I was starting with a clean slate and was excited to tell the group, including several guests, about both the surgical missions and the quilts.  I had quilts for show and tell and they appeared enthralled by the pictures in my Keynote presentation.

As I was concluding, Patti walked up to thank me and announced that they had a surprise for me. At that moment a drape was pulled off the pile of 40 (!) hand-made quilts that they were donating to WAS. I was flabbergasted.  Quilts had been made by members of 2 guilds and by quilters at their senior center.  Some of the guests in the room turned …

Wrap-A-Smile in Guatemala City

The Rotaplast team is hard at work in Guatemala City, Guatemala. And Wrap-A-Smile quilts are there, too.

Tammy S, a member of the Sunshine Quilt Guild recognized this quilt. It is made of blocks submitted to the guild's monthly lotto.  Tammy designed, pieced and finished the quilt.
Many hands stitched the love and comfort into this one. If you are interested in making a quilt to comfort a child undergoing life-changing surgery, please check out our Guidelines. And thank you for your interest!

Quilts hard at work in Monrovia, Liberia

Photo courtesy of Quilt made by Valerie E.
Wrap-A-Smile quilts were most recently distributed to patients in Monrovia, Liberia. The Rotaplast surgery team was there, changing lives, during the third week of August, 2018. Check out this post on the Rotaplast site for some wonderful closeup photos of the beautiful quilts at work. 
The next Rotaplast mission will be to Guatamala, starting September 2, 2018. Be sure to check their Current Missions Page regularly to see all the latest good works!


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