But wait, there's the story!

One of the joys of being involved with Wrap-A-Smile has been the opportunity to meet amazing new friends.  Quilters have to be among the most generous groups of people I have ever met.  And the network of connections is how we get things done! Looking again at yesterday's Rotaplast blog from Colombia, my eye kept returning to the blue and yellow quilt....not to mention that happy smiling face, and the balloon.... Looking through my records I found the quilt and remembered its backstory.  One of WAS's most prolific contributors, Jackie from Maine, mentioned that her sister Karen (a new quilter) was "looking for things to do". I suggested she might like to make one of the WAS kits of simple squares.  Well not only was that a success, but she asked for more....and more!  Eventually I started sending her other simple combinations, to get her feedback on what other kit ideas we might use.  The blue and yellow quilt was a result.  Having shared this story with them, I lear

Rotaplast in Colombia, with Quilts!

FINALLY , some good news from Rotaplast .  The medical team has just returned from Colombia where they repaired clefts and changed lives.  They also gave a hand-made comfort quilt to each and every patient they treated.  I'm sure all these quilts were happy to be released from their storage facility and finally put to work! What a joy to see a lot of happy faces, and our quilts in action. Please look at where you will find many quilt photos.  I would encourage you to read all of the posts as the writer gave a wonderful description of what's involved in preparing for, and accomplishing, one of these missions. I would like to make special note of Dr. Angelo Capozzi, co-founder of Rotaplast, retired plastic surgeon and veteran of 72 international missions (58 with Rotaplast).  I am in awe!!  I don't know his age, but know that he graduated from medical school in 1960....a remarkable man. Thank you to all our quilters who have helped brighten the d

Quilt Express Flight!

Pilot Pat and co-pilot Paige with our 66 treasured “passengers!” I don’t know about you but my spouse DREADS going to the fabric store with me!  He loves the work I do for Wrap-A-Smile but he isn’t particularly interested in my quilt patterns, my geometry piecing dilemmas or those agonizing, endless color choices.  However, he does love to fly airplanes.  I had an idea that would appeal to both of us and this past Monday we were able to make it a reality! Polly and her granddaughter with 44 quilts ready to go! Aerial view of Maine from the Quilt Express 1 On June 20, we took the inaugural flight of the Quilt Express and picked up 66 quilts from two separate airfields in Maine!  Polly, from Unity, had 44 gorgeous creations ready to go and Colleen and Marty from Boothbay Harbor contributed and collected the remaining 22 lovely quilts from Boothbay Harbor, New York and Massachussetts.  I am thrilled because my supply of quilts was down to zero.  All 66 quilts will be given to Comfort Case

Meeting needs....what one quilt can do

I found this video which certainly tugged at my heartstrings and knew it had to be shared. It's short, but powerful. The founder of Comfort Cases , once a foster child who carried his things in a black plastic garbage bag, explains why these cases (including your quilts!) make a difference. As Wrap-A-Smile continues its collaboration with Quilts Beyond Borders , our current emphasis will be to provide quilts for children entering foster care, aided by Comfort Cases . This is a national program, helping children in every part of the United States. Please help us provide child-friendly quilts, including for teens, with the following guidelines:                    1.  All cotton fabrics but please no fabrics with scary, war, police, religious or pig themes.           2.  Any type of batting.            3. Sizes from 40 x 45 inches (for babies) to 42 x 48-60 inches (for children and youth).            4. Quilts should be machine bound and quilted, leaving no more tha

An Introduction to Comfort Quilters and MORE Quilts Delivered!

I delivered 35 quilts to International Institute of New England on Monday!  These quilts, the last in my stash accumulated from your hard work and loving efforts, will be given to Afghan refugee families in the Manchester area.  Comfort Quilters donated 12 of these along with pillowcases and fleece teddy bears.   Donated by Comfort Quilters, Massachusetts  Comfort Quilters is a volunteer group based outside Boston composed of individual quilters, sewers, and local guild members.  Much of the inspiration for Comfort Quilters is credited to Jane Norberg, a longtime quilting teacher, quilter, and guild member.  Since 2000, over 100 local organizations have benefited from Comfort Quilters’ donations in the form of quilts, pillowcases, and teddybears.  Donation recipients include domestic abuse shelters, transitional and low-income housing services, hospitals, refugee resettlement programs, rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters, and specialty children’s summer camps.  In 2020, Comfort Q

246 Quilts Delivered!

We want to thank Wrap-A-Smile quilters and the quilters from Quilts Beyond Borders for your amazing love and generosity.   I delivered the last group of 120 quilts to Ascentria this past Saturday. They will be distributed to evacuated Afghan children this next week in the Boston and Worcester areas.  That’s 243 total quilts-each one an expression of welcome, comfort and kindness.  Thank you!    Paige and Bernard at Ascentria Headquarters It’s time to start building up our quilt supplies again. If you have any quilts to donate, please contact me at Below is a recent donation from New Hampshire. I’m also planning on a quilt collection trip to Maine sometime in the late spring. Details to follow!  By Luann, New Hampshire

A beautiful thank you for you all!

The following is a thank you note from Barbara, my contact at Welcome NST, regarding the quilts you made for Afghan refugee children in Massachussetts and New Hampshire.   “  OMG. The quilts are so so so so lovely. They are art and love and craft - all rolled into comfort. I keep taking them out of the bags and laying them out so I can admire them and run my hands over their beauty. My dining room is a sea of quilts. What I particularly love is how each one expresses the artistic spirit of each craftswoman. The choice of fabric, the design, the work-woman-ship . It is so lovely.   I have already given them to the team leaders for 7 teams and I will get the rest out to the other families before March 4. Plus I have found new families for more of them and am sure in the full expanse of time will be in the hands of Afghan kids who will take great pleasure in them.    It is so little compared to your gift and that of your team, but THANK YOU!!   My favorite saying is “when you pray, move y