Making Quilts

If you would like to take part or know someone who would, quilts should be baby/lapsize, child friendly colors and 100% cotton. Over the years the Rotaplast teams have learned some lessons and offer the following guidelines for your quilt donations:

Ideal size 40 x 48. No smaller than 36 x 46 or larger than 40 x 60. The size relates to covering the child on the operating room table.

No white backings, limit use of white in general. Feedback from the missions is that white represents death in some cultures. And white is difficult to keep clean!

Low loft cotton batting please. Most quilts ship to warm climates, also puffy quilts are hard to pack and ship. Please note that even the batting should be 100% cotton. Many of the recipients cook over open fires and polyester melts and sticks to skin if it accidentally catches fire.

Machine quilting and machine-stitched binding only, please. Your quilts may well be washed in rivers or under other harsh conditions. Quilts can be finished on domestic sewing machines, or long-arm machines.

No religious or holiday fabrics. Quilts are going to foreign countries with different customs and religions. Most of all: Know that you are making a difference in the lives of children and families around the world.

Wrap-A-Smile retains the ultimate authority to use contributions made to us at our discretion, consistent with our purpose.

For more information, contact Ann Demeranville of Rotary Club of Boothbay Harbor at:

Thank You!!