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Old friends, and a community at work

I recently had the opportunity to attend a community quilting workshop in Lexington, MA, hosted by the Northeast region of Quilters Connection.  The venue was the auditorium at Brookhaven Retirement Community.  My friend Jane Norberg of QC frequently gives me quilts for Wrap-A-Smile and I knew it would be fun to see her group in action. What I didn't anticipate was a group of 65 (!) busily cutting, sewing, quilting and binding quilts, not to mention the teddy bears being stuffed and the pillowcases being assembled.  It was a real beehive of activity.

A bonus was running into several of my former patients from the days when I was a dentist in Lexington. The part I miss most about my former life is the contact with my patients, so the hugs with Ann H, Mary P, Bernice M, Selma E, Sylvia F and Kathy P were extra special.  It was definitely more fun to connect through sewing than with a dental drill in my hand!

Through my engagement with Wrap-A-Smile and the larger universe of charity …

Fabulous picture from India!

Here's another wonderful posting from the Rotaplast team in India.  Amar in his quilt truly affirms why we do what we do.  I hope the creator of this quilt will get to see this picture.  For those of you who haven't seen one of your quilts in action yet, I can assure you that every quilt given to WAS will be wrapping someone, somewhere.  Enjoy this post!

Quilts at work in Narnaul, India

I hope you enjoy this link to the current Rotaplast team activity in Narnaul, India.  The blog postings by Pam Meehan-Moulton are beautifully written and full of emotion.  You will feel like you are right there with the team, along with our Wrap-A-Smile quilts, as lives are transformed. Thank you to all our quilters who add this special comforting touch to the surgical missions.